About Me

Ava Love Hanna - writer & storytellerHi, I’m Ava Love Hanna! I'm a professional writerpublished playwright, and award-winning speaker and storyteller.

I write things like essays, satire, playsjokes, and stories. They're usually funny.

Sometimes my plays or sketches are on stage, sometimes I am. Sometimes, both things happen at the same time.

I'm a proud member of ScriptWorks. I also write the weekly member newsletter, so if you're looking for one more way to get me in your inbox, you should join!

I'm the co-host of the new comedy/storytelling podcast, Stories Found. Send us a funny story!

Random Things to Know:

Paul Hanna & Ava Love Hanna backstage

•  I'm a big fan of Bigfoot

•  I'm a giant nerd with degrees in Communications and English

•  I like tiny versions of big things and big versions of tiny things

•  I married my favorite person -- he's also an actor and probably funnier that I am

•  My husband always agrees to be in my shows even though I tend to write roles for          him in which he isn't wearing pants

•  My son is definitely funnier than me

Fun Things to Do:

Ava Love Hanna - writer in Austin. Texas• Listen to me on the Stories Found podcast!

• Watch me tell my most popular story: The Vagina-Mommy Incident

• Watch me tell a story about almost being attacked by peacocks at a show surrounded by the very same peacocks

• Check out what I've been up to on my notable works page

• View pictures of past performances and productions

• Check out my plays on New Play Exchange

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Stories Found - We Do Funny Stuff

I'm proud to be the co-founder of Stories Found, a a comedy production company in Austin, Texas.

Stories Found has a brand new storytelling podcast! Each episode features a different writer or storyteller and their weird, funny, and mostly true stories. Make sure to submit your own story and be a featured storyteller in a future episode!

Stories Found - The Podcast! - Ava riding piggyback on Bigfoot