Ava is an accomplished writer, humorist, speaker, playwright, and performer living in Austin, Texas. She studied Creative Writing and Interpersonal Communications at the University of Houston and graduate studies in English at the University of St. Thomas. Her work has been published in a number of  literary journals, magazines, blogs, websites, and commissioned for performance. She is also an award winning and highly skilled performer and public speaker who achieved national success both as a public speaker, and as a speech and performance coach.

Ava Love Hanna’s life story is best told through the lost art of Tuvan throat singing —
(It gets really good at 0:17)

— which unfortunately doesn’t translate well to standard bio formats. Please accept this less artful substitute.

Ava loves documentaries on obscure topics, is a rabid supporter of the Oxford comma, is super fun at parties, and is probably the only person who has neither seen the Lord of the Rings movies, nor finished the books. She does, however, know the correct pronunciation of Tolkien (TOL-keen), which she feels pretty good about.

Things you might also like to know about Ava conveniently placed in a bulleted list:

  • Award-winning playwright, performer, speech writer and public speaker
  • Experienced Creative Director and Communications Consultant
  • Lives in South Austin
  • Mother of a super cool 9 year old with an impressively advanced sense of humor whom she is fairly certain was sent to her by the universe in order to make sure she never gets too much sleep
  • Obsessed with Doctor Who
  • Collects comic books and weird toys
  • Multi-talented show off who really likes bulleted lists
  • She is continually amazed by how often she is mistaken for a real grown up.