Video – Am I Willing to Punch a Peacock?

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Video - Ava Love Hanna telling the story: Am I Willing to Punch a Peacock? Yes.

Remember that time I was attacked by peacocks at Mayfield Park and wrote an essay about it? Because I like to live on the edge, I returned to the scene of the crime and told a live version of the story, surrounded by the very same peacocks, for the Night of the Peacock Benefit organized by Max Langert and Cinnamon Path Productions.

My husband recorded my performance (probably in case we needed evidence for a peacock-attack related insurance claim) and it’s available to watch from the comfort of your peacock-free home.

Click here to watch me tell my story about peacocks while hoping they don’t sneak up behind me.

I had a great time, didn’t have to punch any peacocks, and we raised some money for SAFE — not a bad night.

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  1. Laurie HassellJune 2, 2017

    Awesome!! Love the reference to Strunk & White (English major humor).

  2. […] just got this video link from Ava Love Hanna, telling her crowd-pleasing story about punching peacocks. Check it out if you […]


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