Dress For The Job You Aren’t Qualified For

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dress for the job you aren't qualified for - Ava Love Hanna

I received the following email from Brandyn and felt forced to to write him a passionate response.
dress for the job you aren't qualified for email from a recruiter


I received your latest missive and I am so happy to hear from you again, and this time with such an enticing and surprising offer. Technical Animator – PROMINENT Gaming Company! Me? At first, I thought, oh, poor Brandyn must have sent this email to the wrong person, but as I reread your words, something inside me stirred.

I must admit I was doubtful when I first saw your subject line “Doesn’t hurt to look for a new role,” but you’re right Brandyn, it *doesn’t* hurt. Change is just another part of the human condition. We are born in a state of flux, always growing and changing, becoming something new. It was Thoreau who said, “Things do not change, we change.” WE change, Brandyn. We grow as people, we change roles, we find new opportunities, we respond to emails from recruiters who somehow found our contact information and just knew in their hearts that we were perfect for that Technical Animator – PROMINENT Gaming Company! position in Austin, TX with an attractive compensation package.

Oh Brandyn, I can’t tell you how often I lie awake at night and wonder if there really is room for individual change in modern society. Are we secretly living in a caste system, do we have assigned roles, or do we each have our own free will and can change our roles willy-nilly with no practical experience? Must I take on the mantle of society’s expectations for me? Must I live under the heavy weight of my parents’ hopes and dreams for my future? Or, Brandyn, am I free to pave my own path, to cast aside who I thought I was and to technically animate on a whim?

I’ve always considered myself a writer, Brandyn, but you saw something else, something more technical in me. You saw the Technical Animator – PROMINENT Gaming Company! position in Austin, TX with an attractive compensation package that was living inside me all along. And, although my resume and work history show absolutely no hints or qualifications that I am suited for this new role, you see something in me, Brandyn, that no one else, not even I was able to see.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but we’ve grown so close through this email, that I feel comfortable telling you now that if I was left to my own devices, I might have applied at the PROMINENT Gaming Company! in Austin, Texas for a writing or communications position. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to step up and say, “Hey world! I am here and ready to technically animate!” I’m ready to do something that a traditional recruiter might think I am wholly unqualified to do – and realistically, they would be 100% correct Brandyn, I don’t know the first thing about 3D animation – but you, you are different. You know that true technical animation comes from the heart. It’s a fire burning deep inside you that must be released or you face perishing in the flames.

I’m tired of playing small, Brandyn. I’m tired of working in 2D, in flat words and phrases. You know, when I was in grad school for a master’s degree in English (what a fool I was!) an esteemed professor used to tell us, “Show don’t tell.” I’ve struggled all of my life to create stories that show instead of telling, but all along the answer was in front of me — Technical Animator – PROMINENT Gaming Company! is the ultimate way to show, isn’t it Brandyn? But, of course, you already knew that, you are, as always, so wise.

I fear I’ve gone on too long, Brandyn, and must come directly to the point as I know you are busy helping people fulfill their greatest dreams and grow as people. Yes, please consider me for the role of Technical Animator – PROMINENT Gaming Company! position in Austin, TX with an attractive compensation package. Please help me make this dream come true. While I am still full of doubts and scared of the road ahead, I know that with you by my side as my recruiter, and your faith in me and my non-technical resume, Brandyn, I can do anything.

I will anxiously await your response containing my start date.


Ava Love Hanna
Professional Writer  Technical Animator – PROMINENT Gaming Company!

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