Come See Haggis at FronteraFest Austin!

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Haggis at Fronterafest Austin - a new comedy by Ava Love Hanna

I’m super excited to announce my FronteraFest show this year — Haggis!

A couple’s search for adventure at a desert nudist resort lands them in rural Scotland with an inscrutable groundskeeper and inadequate wardrobe. A new comedy by Ava Love Hanna; starring Anne Hulsman, Weldon Phillips, and Travis Dean.

Join us for the fun: January 24th, 8pm, Hyde Park Theatre

Tickets are available here: 
(Shows sell out quickly, so get your tickets now!)


Haggis - a new comedy by Ava Love Hanna for Fronterafest Austin

Comedy, kilts, euphemisms, scantily-clad actors in the winter — what’s not to love?

Haggis is being produced with a commission from ScriptWorks. Those guys are the best! Visit the link to find out more about their programs and membership. DO IT.

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