I’m super excited to announce my FronteraFest show this year — Haggis!

A couple’s search for adventure at a desert nudist resort lands them in rural Scotland with an inscrutable groundskeeper and inadequate wardrobe. A new comedy by Ava Love Hanna; starring Anne Hulsman, Weldon Phillips, and Travis Dean.

Join us for the fun: January 24th, 8pm, Hyde Park Theatre

Tickets are available here: http://hpt.buyplaytix.com/hpt/index_right.html 
(Shows sell out quickly, so get your tickets now!)

Haggis - a new comedy by Ava Love Hanna for Fronterafest Austin

Comedy, kilts, euphemisms, scantily-clad actors in the winter — what’s not to love?

Haggis is being produced with a commission from ScriptWorks. Those guys are the best! Visit the link to find out more about their programs and membership. DO IT.

Ava Love Hanna

Ava Love Hanna

Ava Love Hanna is a writer, storyteller, and performer in Austin, Texas. She really, really wants you to use the Oxford comma.
Ava Love Hanna

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