Bad Parents at FronteraFest Short Fringe

Roxy, Tristan, Me, Paul, and Max in Bad Parents – Fronterafest 2014


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 Ann Imig and me after LTYM Austin 2013

Ann Imig and me after LTYM Austin 2013




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  • Body Implants, Not Just for Breasts Anymore! – After Dinner (Humorous)
  • The Dumbening of America – Are We as a Society Getting Stupider? – After Dinner (Humorous)
  • The FDA’s Approval and Handling of Dangerous Drugs – Persuasive

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  • Owner – Blue Potion Creative – Full service creative studio
  • Creative Director and Acquisitions Editor – Thoroughfare, Spring 2010
  • Creative Director – Playdates – The Ultimate Resource for a Fun Day
The 2013 Cast of Listen to Your Mother Austin

Listen to Your Mother – Austin 2013